Monday, August 21, 2006

Wit, Will and Walls

Some updates this month on my ongoing documentary Wit, Will and Walls: The Betty Kilby Fisher Story. The documentary tells the story of one woman's fight along with her family for desegregation in the Shenandoah Valley.

On August 9th my favorite TV team (which includes Director of Photography Sheila Smith and Lighting Director Claiborne Lashley) assembled to shoot recreations for the first phase of the show which we are calling "the promo". The promo, funded by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, includes interviews from a public forum of scholars last April and the latest recrees and is intended to convey the style and content of a greater documentary to potential funders.

This piece will be finished by the end of September and I begin right now to search for the REST of the cash to complete the hour long documentary on the topic.

Betty Kilby Fisher's granddaughter Tanesia played Betty with grace and skill on location at Warren County High School - the school that Betty attended in the 1950s and helped integrate.

We received some good press in these dog daze of summer - check out some of the local newspaper sites:

(you need to sign in for a free subscription - but it is easy)

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