Friday, April 13, 2007

Sculptor on YouTube - The Point

Clarke County stone carver Malcolm Harlow was a journeyman at the National Cathedral for 7 years in the mid-1970's. We talk with him on SUTV's The Point about his craft, the past and the future of his trade and his "crazy place".

Click on this YouTube link to watch this 9 minute segment.
And this is Malcolm's bio on the Stone Carver's guild website:
Malcolm's Personal Statement:"I like the sting of that chip of stone against my cheek."

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Mr.PorteƱo said...

this is a very cool idea, of publishing in the blog and in youtube simultaneously . .. I just wonder if there is any program out there that you could update all of the sites at the same time with a single keystroke.
Or maybe publishing a kind of animated newspaper in SL and from SL you could send with one touch to all of your sites!
Love this multixmedia project you are into.