Monday, May 07, 2007

National Geographic Levees Story

Photog pal and National Geographic New Orleans go-to-guy Tyrone Turner is at it again - this time with a breaking news story on the city's breaking levees. His full post-Katrina layout makes the cover of National Geographic's August edition... but this news was so big NG released it early to its website and to other news organizations including the New York Times. This is the first time ever the magazine has previewed a story in this way.

And a New York Times article reacting to the story using a Tyrone photo:


Mr.Porteño said...

There is a question out there, and it relates to the fate of the BAjous (delta) which has changed course in the centuries past and has been degraded to the the level that it doesn't protect the land from the moods of the sea.

The question is this:

Wouldn't it be time to run for higher grounds?

(the river's hydrology is very active, and sensitive to everything that was built over the century to dominate it. Check:
Robert R. Twilley
Director, Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
Louisiana State University



Mr.Porteño said...

love your picture, btw.

you don't have to authorize this one.