Thursday, June 21, 2007

More about Monetizing the Web

Well, a cool internet TV group called Cooking Up a Story (
seems to be revealing how to monetize TV production on the web. They've hooked up with internet distributor Brightcove to push their product and bring in revenue for a simple concept of an internet show about food, sustainability and the people who are dedicated to both.

Here is the pitch from CUAS site:

Syndicate our shows through Brightcove on a managed account and receive 20% of the ad revenue, when available. Cooking Up A Story Syndication Offers:
Single Title; Multiple Line-up; Single Line-up; Sign up now for your free player(s) and for those who qualify, share in the ad revenue generated from your site.

And the pitch from Brightcove:

The Brightcove online service is used by content owners, consumers, web publishers, and advertisers. With Brightcove, content owners can create, distribute and monetize Internet TV channels. At the same time, consumers use Brightcove to discover, watch, share and participate in channels. Web publishers can find content and syndicate channels to enhance their sites and generate new revenue. Finally, marketers can use Brightcove AdNet to aggregate online video audiences and reach consumers across wide range of niche channels with both advertising and branded broadband content.

1 comment:

Mr.PorteƱo said...

muy interesting!

I wonder who this business model works, how much of a share does brightcove actually take from producers/owners/consumers and much is left.

but maybe we'll have to wait for this TV to take off until the internet carriers deploy the optical cables they promised!

meanwhile, let's cook a story!