Monday, January 19, 2009

FilmAid - Production Company Partners with UNHCR

"Films are powerful and evocative tool for fostering understanding and tolerance in the world." - Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate

From FilmAid's website:

FilmAid International uses the power of film and video to reach the world’s most vulnerable communities with messages that inspire them, address their critical shared needs, and effect social change.

FilmAid has been embraced by many leading humanitarian organizations due to unwavering commitment to its core principles:

FilmAid works with local advisory committees to ensure that the content used in its programs is appropriate and relevant for the intended audience. These Advisory Committees represent a cross-section of the local population and engage the rarely heard voices of women and youth.

FilmAid collaborates with local communities in program design, implementation and evaluation.

FilmAid partners with humanitarian experts, physicians and nongovernmental organizations in the field.

FilmAid performs ongoing evaluations to measure results and identify possible program improvements.


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