Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hope, Fear and... Faith??

-With Enron behind us (kinda, sorta), some encouraging news about how one might choose to handle one's fortunes. Second richest man in the world Warren Buffet said earlier this week that he doesn't believe in dynastic wealth so he's giving over the bulk of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation will use the money to fight AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

The other charities that Mr. Buffett will divide about $6 billion in stock among are the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which emphasizes family planning, abortion rights and anti-nuclear proliferation issues; the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which focuses on environmental and conservation issues; the Susan A. Buffett Foundation, which supports educational opportunities for low-income children; and the NoVo Foundation, which has focused on education and human rights.

-On a more puzzling note we've got war going on, a multitude of education/race/gender/class issues pulling at the country, does the US Congress really have time to wrangle over a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning? How many flags did you burn this week?? Hmmm??! This headline nearly made me spontaneously combust:

Flag Amendment Narrowly Fails in Senate Vote

-And then there's both good and bad news in the ongoing debate over ordaining gay bishops in the Anglican Church -the Archibishop of Canterbury said it's not a good idea. That leaves some tough decisions for Episcopal Church, the Communion's American province. What drama will ensue??

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