Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not Just From Alabama Anymore

I am interested in applying the emerging use of the internet in political campaigns to distributing documentaries and other video...

NYTims Adam Cohen reports from the Daily Kos blogger convention held in Las Vegas that 2008 will be the campaign of internet-powered politics. He talks of the sea change that brings - handing issues, fundraising and power to a grass-roots network of bloggers who are trying to figure out how to herd the cats called the internet.

One 15-year-old conventioneer from rural Alabama made a big splash with her homemade video skewering the Bush Administration (Ava Lowery's video).

One day, Cohen says, there could be a Daily Kos television station staffed by volunteer bloggers and sent out over the Internet as streaming video, going up against Fox News. On Election Day 2008, voters could get video clips on their laptops and cellphones from Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen or the Dixie Chicks — targeted by geography or demographics — urging them to vote, and telling them where to do it.

Whatever. How does one promote and distribute production in general? And how does the cash flow?? The sea change is here - I'm just a bit caught in the waves at the moment.

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