Friday, June 23, 2006

The Yellow Box

To use the apt exclamation of my understated niece Makayla: "Whoa." Fabu Fotog Tyrone Turner debuts his first full-blown National Geographic commission in July with a gorgeous photo gallery on America's Coasts in Crisis. This pic is part of the Yellow Box online extras.

Tyrone is from New Orleans and did a Geographic story a few years back on the Louisiana Wetlands. He was back in the 'hood shooting this story when Katrina hit and his knowledge and photo archive of the area were invaluable to telling that devastating story. He even made a Nightline appearance talking about his Huck Finn boyhood on the levees sporting the 7 stitches he received when he failed to Hang 10 while shooting on the West Coast.

I've had the priviledge over the past 2 decades of watching this talented photographer grow and change and challenge himself and those around him, all the while keeping a firm grip on his integrity and his sense of humor. Congratulations you IWS.

Coasts Feature Story:

Photo Gallery:

Wetlands Story:

One of my favorite Tyrone fotos:

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