Sunday, June 25, 2006

Something Old Something New

Frustrating NYTimes article today asking the questions I've been pondering lots lately in the piece called "Waiting for Dough on the Web".

Reporter Richard Siklos says he periodically asks tv executives, "Who do you think has this internet thing figured out?" and then goes on to reveal those execs are at Fox, Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, the Washington Post and of course The New York Times.

Hardly surprising given that he interviews the Usual Suspects that he gets essentially a lot of "beats me" responses. I think this is the problem with the Same Ole media companies... I don't sense they are able to imagine the questions, much less post the answers.

Perhaps I overstate, but I think not. After all, I come from the tradition of the Usual Suspects and I feel slightly clueless about this stuff. Admitting I have a wall here is the biggest step... perhaps my brick and mortar brain will begin to become a bit more fluid around this topic.

Investigation to follow. Forgive my same ole tv jargon, but stay tuned.

On another note - as far as what the future holds, check out this astounding Star Wars laser saber battle short which was shot, choreographed and edited by high school students. All the more reason to get busy. Gosh, I hear the pitter patter of little producer/directors!

Have you ever seen the rolling fighting scenario before???!! Terrific.

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